Staggered volumes create distinct, connected studio and living spaces for a working artist or writer. By utilizing biomorphic patterns and concepts from cell systems, structures can be translated from biological to architectural design. Connection, overlap, fit, compartmentalization and flow are central to the system, which is inspired by cell-cell junctions called plasmodesmata. The form utilizes flow through connected volumes, creating fluidity among both living spaces and the atelier.


Fall 2015

Studio: Architecture I, Dartmouth College

Instructor: Zenovia Toloudi

Skills: user research, rapid prototyping, Rhino, rendering, photography

Studio spaces straddle a stream on site and support living spaces above.

Voronoi shapes compose cantilevered volumes suspended over the stream. The atelier is an indoor-outdoor space.

Rearranged volumes explore vertical variation.




Varied heights, studio spaces below and living spaces above, and prospect to an open landscape create a dynamic atelier-home that is open to its natural surroundings.

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