Rolling Hot-House

Mobile Sauna


This mobile sauna was conceived, designed, and constructed in a six-day design-build workshop. Built on a tiny house trailer, the structure both functions and visually reflects the Vermont vernacular architecture, engaging the rural landscape. The build was an opportunity to work with materials, tools, technique, translation of design to functional prototype, carpentry convention, a work site, collaborators, and deadlines.


Date: Summer 2017

Studio: Studio North

Instructors: Kieth Moskow, Robert Linn, Manuel Goldenberg

Collaborators: Bushra Aumir, Will Cole, Eduard Cornew, August Cosinuke, Kristie Houghton, Christel Lingen, Mandita Malhotra, Ollie Santry, Aaron Teves, Olga Zakharova

Contributions: transition design, foundation, shingling, doors

Skills: manual/power equipment, collaborative design

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